The Era of the Great Depression

By Sam and Daniel

On October 29th, 1929 America was changed forever. This day marks the beginning of the era in American history known as the Great Depression.
The Great Depression started when the stock markets crashed. The stock markets didn’t crash for any reason; it was just because that the stocks market is always changing. However, when the Great Depression started, the stock market went down by 80 percent, a record low. The first day of the Great Depression was known as Black Thursday. On Black Thursday alone, 13 million shares of stock were sold. That is still the record for most stocks sold in one day. Why did all of the people buy those stocks? The same reason we buy them today, in hope of coming off with a little extra cash.
People living in miserable poverty. Elm Grove, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
Unfortunately, all of these people did not realize that the Great Depression would go on for 10 years. No one really knows why the stock market crashed, all we can say, is that it happened unexpectedly.

Hooverville. Portland, Oregon
he Great Depression affected people in many ways. many families were avicted from their homes. This was caused by a many people that lost their jobs. Many parents lost their jobs and weren't able to feed their families, this lead many people to have to live in poverty stricken places. Some of these places were properly named "Hoovervilles". Hoovervilles were named after President Herbert Hoover, the president during the Great Depression. Hoovervilles had many poor people in it, the houses were made of cardboard, the food was very bad, and all of the living conditions were terrible. Those are a few of the many ways that the Great Depression.

In the late 1930s, the Great Depression was slowing down, however many people were still living in Hoovervilles, and in other poverty stricken places. Since this was happening at generally the same time as World War Two, the Germans were becoming stronger and stronger over the US. This forced the US to deploy more troops, which led to the fact that they needeed more weapons for the troops. Since the weapons needed to be manufactured, it created tons of jobs which helped the economy come back to normal. As a result the Great Depression came to a hault in about the year 1940.

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