Earning Money During the Great Depression
By: Gracie and Ross

1934 coal factory.

Can you believe that 12,000,000 people were unemployed? Many people failed in earning money as well. We will talk about how jobs were lost, what jobs kids had, and what were some effects on children.

Men in line at soup kitchen.
Some of the jobs that were lost were mostly factories. They lost their jobs very quickly, plus it was where most people worked during the Great Depression. Since everyone went to the stores and always got most of their products from them, most stores lost their jobs as well. No one had any money to run the mines anymore, so the mines went dead pretty fast. More than 12,000,000 people were unemployed, so it made sense that so many jobs were lost during the Great Depression. Those were some jobs that were lost during the Great Depression.

Some effects on families were jobs people kept on losing. Over 200,000 people lost all their things, homes, and jobs because of the Great Depression. The bills were so high that people had to take in the homeless as jobs and were pulling and stretching to pay for the monthly bills. Many people got jobs one after the another. For example, teenagers got jobs and they were really good jobs to have as well- but they got taken away really fast. Most people were really, really poor and could do nothing about it. Most families were very unlucky during the Great Depression.

Apple peddlers in Missouri.
ome jobs kid’s had were working in factories. They also were canonries. That means that they produced canned goods that were non perishable and perishable. The mines were very tough for them because most kids died when doing this. They worked in textile mills, and farms to help get food for their family. Kids whose parents owned a farm got 1 month off of school to go and pick cotton, and for them it was like going to prison. The older kids went to do construction (heavy labor) and work on railroads. When they worked on the rails a lot of kids rode the rails. Tens of thousands of kids had to work on the rail roads. Those were some of the jobs that kids had during the Great Depression.

Now you see how the Great Depression was like when people were trying to earn money and live the hard way. How would you have liked to be living during the Great Depression back then?

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