​​The Great Migration

by Walt and Nicholas

The great migration was a very big event during the great depression. You will hear a lot of facts and cool things during this history. You will see things like population changes from the South to North. So sit back and relax and learn about the great migration.

The Great Migration was when many African Americans migrated from the southern United States to the northern United States. They migrated north because there were more jobs and opportunities there than in the south. Those jobs also payed more.

It really helped the migrants a lot to move North.

There were many things that helped the Great Migration to happen. African Americans could not find jobs and opportunities in the South. In the North they offered more jobs and opportunities than the South. The migration of many people was helped by a strong train and railway service.

Chicago Community Center
Chicago Community Center

Newspapers in Chicago helped African Americans from the South who wanted to move to the North. The newspapers would list the names and addresses of churches. People used this information to write letters to churches for help.

When the migrants arrived at their new home they had a lot of problems to face. Organizations formed to help them. One organization that was important was the National Urban League. It was formed in 1911. The National Urban League was organized to help educate underserved Americans. It also worked to help provide job opportunities. It was also important in protecting civil rights for members. Another organization called Chicago’s African American foundation formed and helped migrants in a similar way. The Great Migration was helped by these organizations.

The great migration had many effects. The migrant people made many sacrifices for a better life. Some people were so poor they had to jump trains. Sometimes people were forced off the trains by police officers. A lot of financial problems happened. For example, when African Americans moved north they were nervous that they might lose all they had.

Now you have learned some of the main things about the Great Migration. You learned that it was a hard life to be an African American around the time of the Great Depression. If African Americans did not migrate north they could be suffering right now. We hope you learned a lot or learned more about the Great Migration.


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Black-Owned Restaurant
Black-Owned Restaurant
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