The Children of The Great Depression

By: Claire, Lilly, and Peyton

The Great Depression not only affected adults, it really impacted children of that era. They had to learn how to make money and have fun.

How where kids effected in the Great Depression? Did you know some kids had to leave their schools and help out with their families? Children ages 10-18 worked in factories, canories, mines, or farms. In New York City 1931 there were 20 known causes of starvation s. In 1934 there were 110 deaths caused by hunger. Some of those deaths were kids that have died. Some kids fainted in school because they had not eaten anything that morning before their school day started. Many kids went to school hungry every morning. Kids had to do without new clothes, shoes, or even toys. Kids also had to grow up fast kids had to work on farms and some girls became babysitters. It was very hard during those times.
Mother of seven children

Children in the Great Depression worked so many different jobs from setting up stands on the side of the road to sell fruit to typing letters for their school superintendent. When the Great Depression first started children of all ages had to leave school to help support their family. Ages 10 to 16 worked in factories, canaries, mines, or farms. 2.25 million. Children worked during the Great Depression. Most the girls became baby sitters or hired girls which are helping a family with household chores. A teenage boy in the south supported his family in the south by pumping gas and painting houses. Some of the boys and young men worked as newsboys. The Great Depression changed many family roles.

Picture of two very dirty looking children sitting on what appears to be a porch during the Great Depression.
Picture of two very dirty looking children sitting on what appears to be a porch during the Great Depression.

During the Great Depression kids had to entertain them self but how? Most kids liked to be kids and do what kids do in a little different way. They liked to play stick ball. Stick ball is a different way of playing baseball. Some liked to even play leapfrog, do puzzles, some liked to listen to the radio if they had one. If you had a radio most families after dinner what all circle around the radio and have a family radio time. Some of the older kids liked to cook things to entertain them self. Mysterious kids liked to play a game called eviction. You would find something of one of your friends or brother or sister favorite things and hide. Most nursery kids played this game. What we have to realize is that kids in the Great Depression didn’t have a MP3 player or an Xbox they had to play with the stuff that they had. The kids in the Great Depression made a great use of what they had and made a good life out of it, even when the hard times were hard.

I hope you learned a lot and now you know what these families and children went through in the Great depression. Also I hope you know how lucky we are to have the lives that we have today.Your life may not be perfect but it is not as bad as what the children of the great depression suffered through.

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