Riding the rails By: Camp.W and Kevin.C

Have you ever wanted to run away? To just go to the train station and hop on a box car? Many children felt like that in the past.

During the Great Depression, it was very popular among children and teens. This form of running away is riding the rails.

Learn the reasons, expiriences, and dangers that many teens and kids faced during the Great Depression.

Riding the rails was a popular thing to do during the Great Depression. One is because many people needed jobs. Where some of the people lived there was a severe drop in jobs so they had to move and find new and better ones. Also, some of the teenager’s parents made them leave because they couldn’t afford to feed and tak
Hobo after hobo hopping the train
e care of them. Another reason was because the children dreamed of better work somewhere else. Next, people wanted adventure and the adrenaline rush. Finally, Warner Brothers made a movie called Wild Boys of the Road to scare kids from riding the rails but they just wanted to ride them more.

There has been many experiences of riding the rails. One was that the people riding loved the thrill and the adventure. Also, many people were starved, tired, and parched. But many people were excited and eager to get on the rails to get their new lives and their new jobs. Finally, people were scared to ride the rails and regretted getting on the trains. Those were some experiences of riding the rails.

Hobo Language

There were many dangers of riding the rails, though. First of all, it was obviously illegal. There was also the problem of hunger. Many hobos were forced to beg for food from farmers. Girls had a better time because poeple thougt they were cuter. Thirst, homesickness, and disease were other problems many hobos were faced with. Also, the main problem, was fear.
Men hopping on the boxcar to who knows where
Many hobos were afraid. There was always the fear of accidents, like falling off the train. There was the fear of bulls, the railroad police. Many dangers were thrown at hobos. Finally there were many treacherous terrains and journeys. Those were several dangers of riding the rails.

Have you changed your mind about running away? So, as you can see, many experiences and dangers were thrown at the hoboes. I hope you learned a lot about trains and the millions of teens that rode them in the Great Depression.

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