Criminals of the Great Depresion
By: Austin and Robert

Have you ever thought about being a criminal. Well these criminals were bad and got thrown in jail a lot. These criminals were pretty bad. There was Baby Face Nelson, Al Capone, and others. We are focusing on the most famous of the 1930s so enjoy.

If you didn’t know who Baby Face Nelson was you are about to find out. Baby Face Nelson was a Famous Criminal of the G
Baby Face Nelson
reat Depression. He was born on December 6, 1908 in Chicago, Illinois. By the time Baby Face Nelson was about 14 he was already in a gang. That was when he got the name Baby Face Nelson. In 1922 he was a car or auto thief. He stole auto parts to people’s cars. Nelson went to Sausalito, California in Sausalito he met John Paul Chase who he stayed and robbed people with for a long time. He did this after breaking out of jail in Illinois. The government did not want him back in Illinois. So they were thankful that he was out of the state. Baby Face Nelson worked for Al Capone too. He also did two bank robberies with John Dilinger. I hope you learned something you did not know about Baby Face Nelson.

Machine Gun
Machine Gun

Machine Gun Kelly was another bad famous criminal. He was a famous criminal of the Great Depression. He was born in Tennessee in 1897. Kelly died on July 18, 1954. He was also known as Barney John Paul. Machine Gun Kelly also worked with Baby Face Nelson. He was another famous criminal of the Great Depression. Baby Face Nelson worked with him when he got out of prison. They called him Machine Gun Kelly because his favorite weapon or gun was a Thompson submachine gun. That gun was really famous back then and still is. He was irested many times for illegal trafficking. . In his career in the 1930's and 1920's he was a bootlegger His most famous crime was when he kidnapped Charles Urschel. He kidnapped him in July 1933. Machine Gun Kelly was a very sneaky and top criminal .

Al Capone Chicago Daily News, Inc.,

Al Capone was a bad criminal in the Great Depression. Al Capone is one our best known gangsters. He is a leader in criminal activity. So he was around when the Great Depression took place. Capone was born on January 17, 1899. He was from Brooklyn, NY. On January 25, 1947 he died. At that time he was living in Palm Island, Florida. Al Capone quit school in sixth grade and went to a street gang. In 1925 Al Capone was the leader after their leader was seriously injured in an assassin attempt. Those were some basic facts about Al Capone who was a famous criminal of the Great Depression.

Without a doubt criminal activity inc.reased during the Great Depression. During the Great Depression people felt desperate without money or a job. That is why the Great Depression era is known for so many notorious criminals.

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