Charles and Hayden

During the Great Depression, many people lost their jobs, their money, and even their homes. It was a terrible thing when the stock market crashed. The thing that actually ended the Greatd Depression was World War II. Read more to find out.

The Great Depression affected people in many different ways. During the Mass Migration, many people moved from where they lived because the thought there would be more jobs available somewhere else. People lost hope for their future, and their enthusiasm disappeared and was replaced by dispair. Twenty five percent of the US workers were unemployed. About 250,000 young people were homeless during the beginning of the Great Depression.

Many people lost jobs during this time and it is hard to find out why. Most people lost their jobs when customers stopped buying. When the consumers stopped buying, the manager had to fire many of the workers because they weren't making him money. Since there was no money being made for the business, the business went bankrupt. That is one reason why people lost their jobs.

The Great Depression ended when people made enough money to make a living. Some poor people called apple peddlers just picked apples and sold them off the street. Others sold their furniture. The Works Progress Administration gave people jobs like actors, writers, and musicians. World War 2 actually ended the Great Depression because men had to go out to war and women had to get jobs to help the soldiers. That is how the Great Depression ended.

The Great Depression was a bad thing that happened to the US economy. Lots of Americans lost all they had. People were upset when the stock marked crashed. Earning money during the Great Depression was tough.

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