​​​The Great Depression and Children

By Anil and Max

Without a doubt growing up in the Great Depression was not easy. Many kids wore rags. Their toy selection was small. Also,sometimes their families couldn't even support them. For sure,we would never want this to happen again.
Children in the Great Depression
Look at what you’re wearing now. Imagine what they wore in the Depression. Pretty bad stuff. They would wear table clothes. When those started to fall off they found old clothes. When those started tearing they found stuff around the house. When that didn’t work they would hope for the best of it and not go anywhere unless going naked. It’s not just a walk to the shoe store or to buy clothes. They didn’t have any of that. Imagine what would happen if you were in the Depression.
What children played with in the Great Depression
See the kind of toys you have right now. None of those toys existed back in the 1930’s. People only had sticks and rocks. If you go outside and play with rocks and sticks you would probably get bored instantly. That’s what the people in the Depression got to play with.
What did their parents do for them
Imagine sitting on the street in a cardboard box with a rock for a friend. Only 1 out of 5 families would keep their children and care for them. The other four would kick them out because they couldn't afford to care for them. Then it went to a whole different story on leaving home. There are many tragedies in the Great Depression. Be happy that it isn't happening now.

Many tragedies happened during the depression. Many children lost their homes and started to lose faith. Thanks Herbert Hoover for the dumb things you’ve wasted.

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