Riding the Rail

By: Tristan Taylor and Alexander Yerkus

Riding the Rails

During the great depression many people began to use trains in search of a better life. Some went because of money, adventure, freedom, or they were kicked out because of the great depression. During the Great Depression, more than a quarter of a million children left their homes and hopped speedy trains looking for work, money, or adventure. They usually went away t8a18471r.jpgo get away from their parents because they were yelled at too much. They had no choice but to hop a train and go search for a job in order to get money. They would then travel the country in search for a job or money. They also went because they were being threatened by people like the police and their parents. They also went away to start a new life and start over with everything that they did. They usually did it to feel loved by others. There was a movie and it was supposed to scare the riders so they would stop riding the rails but it just made them want to do it more. During the great Depression many teenage hobos were living on the side of the road they waited for a train to come by and they would climb the train’s sides and would live on top of the train until they reached their final destination. They also went for the excitement like the toot, toot of the train whistle and the crackling of the train tracks and much more. These are the reasons that they rode the rails.

In order survive in the tunnels when you couldn’t breathe is to get behind a car and wait for you to get out of the tunnel. But that wasn’t the only way to survive you couldn’t sleep too much or the train would throw you off. You would also have to watch out for the bulls (cops) or they would put you in jail but not for long. You would also have to make friends in order 8b30315t.gifto survive they could catch you if you were about to fall off the train. If you didn’t make friends you would be on your own for a while and you might get lucky if you get to the train station alive.
Although riding the rails may be fun it is also dangerous. One example is thousands of people were killed for trespassing on rail rode property. The cops would arrest them for riding the rails if the cops could catch them. Another danger they would be put in jail for a day and their parents would come and get them and they would lose everything. If their parents came and got them they would be punished for a very long time.


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