By: Ella and Kylie

A man standing in his home at a Hooverville

In the 1930's there were terrible places on the outskirts of town called Hoovervilles. These Hoovervilles were homes for people with no homes so they slept in cardboard boxes, or anything else they could find. Here is what else these homes were like.

They slept in anything from open piano crates to the ground! This is what it was like during the Great Depression in Hoovervilles. There houses were made from cardboard boxes, tar paper, glass, lumber, tin, and any other materials that were available to the people at the time (such as old cars). Cardboard box homes were very poor to live in because when it rained or there were strong winds it would either blow away or just get destroyed and not be usable anymore. However, there was worse because some homes were simply deep holes in the ground, and if they were lucky they could find some good scraps for a “roof”. And some were so desperate they lived in water mains or empty conduits (empty pipe). Some people were lucky though because men that could build well could make their house out of stone. When they slept, old newspapers were their blankets. This is how it was in Hoovervilles during the Great Depression.
A picture of a Hooverville

During the Great Depression there were these awful camps on the outskirts of town. These awful camps were homes to the poor and homeless people, yes, these shanty little camps were actually homes in the 1930's. These homes were called Hoovervilles because the president Herbert Hoover was a very bad president and everyone blamed him for why they were living in the Hoovervilles, so obviously that is why they called them Hoovervilles.
A man standing in his home at a Hooverville
These are the terrible places that were called Hoovervilles.

All in all Hoovervilles were shanty homes because Herbert Hoover was a terrible president. I am glad this terrible time is over and no one has to live in a hole or a box anymore.


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