General Information about the Great Depression

By Mikey and Nicholas :)

I bet you might be wondering how the Great Depression started, and why it's so great. Well if your wondering why it's so great you reading the wrong thing. In this writing I’m going to tell you how this mess all began, where people lived if they were homeless, and things about riding the rails.
Well this all started when the stock market began to rise, so everyone thought it was a good idea to invest in the market to make money like the gold rush. The stocks' cost began to rise, people saw that and began to buy. Eventually the stock market had a mini crash. The people panicked and sold their stocks. Wall street crashed because it didn't have enough money to buy the stocks. So everyone lost money, or was effected by the loss of others money. So, during World War I we loaned out money to Europe and during the Great Depression we took it all back and made everyone else poor. I conclude that we still don't know why it's so great, I mean what's so great about people living in cardboard houses.

There is alot of reasons why people jumped on freight trains and ride on the roof without a ticket and no not because they are insane. If you were a hobo amnd had no money youwould jump on a freight train for transportation and they could lose a leg,arm, or even thier life. Most kids had to jump on freigt trains because they were kicked out by their parents because the parents couldn't feed them with the little money they had left.Some of the teenagers eather looked for jobs or adveture.Now go out there and jump a freight train if you want to go to jail.
People hated the president because they blamed him for the mess we call great(you know I'm going to say this in these two paragraphs). His name is Herbert Hoover and that's how the places where homeless people lived coined the name Hoovervilles. These places where made of everything, metal, cardboard, cloth, and even cars! Groups of people came together to try to live. Also the only toys you got was a stick(s), a rock(s), and dirt, I couldn't go on without my I-pod how did they survive?! Wait, I'm supposed to know, well I don't know, you really think a kid is the best source.


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