​​Famous Criminals of the 1930's

By Sydney and Hamlin


Bonnie Parker

Besides sadness, losing homes, and living in a Hooverville, there was always crime in the Great Depression. These criminals were ruthless and others even lived some of their childhood in The Depression!
Bonnie and Clyde met in Texas. Bonnie was Clyde’s new cleaning lady. Clyde ever since he was born was a criminal. He helped out his brothers with their crimes. Bonnie always did well in school. She got married when she was 16 and became a poet. Then her husband went to jail and she couldn’t divorce him. Bonnie and Clyde fell in love instantly! Before they became just Bonnie and Clyde they were Bonnie, Clyde, and the others. When they died the got shot to death by 167 bullets by police which killed them instantly. They found out that by the time they died Bonnie and Clyde's crimes were they killed 13 people and did several robberies. After they died a poet made this poem for them:
“Someday they will go down together,
And they will bury them side by side,
To a few this means grief,
To the law it’s relief
But its death to Bonnie and Clyde.”

Al Capone was a criminal in the 1930’s. He was born on January 7, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York to Italian immigrants Gabriele and Teresina Capone. He was baptized as Alphonse Gabriel Capone. He quit sixth grade and joined a street gang. Al became the gang’s leader in 1925 soon after the former leader Johnny Torrio stopped his unruly ways. Al was also part of groups called The Junior Forty Thieves and The Bowery Boys. Al died on January 25, 1947 due to a stroke and pneumonia.

Vivian Grace Davis was born in Kansas City around 1920 to Alfred and Sarah Davis. Vivian was the youngest of 7. Three sisters: Hazel, Laura, and Ella and 3 brothers: Lewis, Frank, and Marshall. On April 1, 1921 at 16, Vivian married George Chase, who was roughly over 30, without her parent’s opinion and was finally noticed as George's wife on December 23, 1923! At one point, Vivian was found at George’s house wearing 6 diamond rings! Unable to explain, she was arrested for suspicion. Her body was found in a car parked in the parking lot of St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City with a .45 caliber gun and the bullet exiting her chest.

With no doubt about it criminals in the 30's had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Most died some went to prison. Back in the 30's no one was safe from all those criminals. At least everyone else was safe in the end. Criminals like that deserve what they got. I believe what ever crime the criminal did is what should happen to them.

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