Christopher Paul Curtis

Have you ever written a book? Well Christopher Paul Curtis has, but in one year. By the age of 40 he knew that he wanted to be a writer and his wife agreed. He was working in a factory and he realized that that wasn't what he wanted to do. He worked there for 13 years. He has a family of 2 kids and
was trying to make as much money as he could, to keep a well fed
, happy, and healthy family.

Christopher Paul Curtis is an African American child's book author. He was born in Flint, Michigan on May 10, 1954. He spent 13 years after high school on the assembly line of Flints Historic Fisher Body Plant #1 and wrote on his breaks. He graduated from the University of Michigan in political science of the year 1996. Christopher currently lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He is now 58 years old and is happily married with two children of his own.
Christopher Paul Curtis is a great author and has written many books, some of them are, Elijah of Buxton - this book is about a runaway slave named Elijah who is very sensitive. His mom calls him fragile. His best friend, Cooter, is always by his side and told Elijah bad news that he has to deliver to a close neighbor. Mr. Chikee’s messy mission-this book is about a boy named Steven and is thrown off track when his dad comes in his room early in the morning and tells him to go shovel the snow from off the house. Steven is very anxious to know why only a few houses, including his is buried in snow and others aren’t and why a huge flock of birds keep flying around his house.
Mr. Chikee’s FunnyMoney-Steven, his best friend Russell, and his dog Zoopy are members of Flint’s future Detectives. Russell and Zoopy have a day with each other and Zoopy disappears. Bud, Not Buddy- Bud is a 10 year old boy who is looking for his father. His mother died when he was six but left clues for him. Her name is Angela Janet Caldwell. Bud ends up finding a man who he thinks is his father. The Watsons go to Birmingham*1963- 10 year old Kenny cannot believe his own family. Sometimes they act so crazy he thinks
they should be known as the weird Watsons of Flint, Michigan. Trying to understand his parents' humor and dealing with his too-cool older brother and cry baby-tattletale little sister, Kenny never has a boring moment in his life. There are many more books that Christopher Paul Curtis has written and many of them have been given awards. Most of the time, Christopher Paul Curtis usually mixes hope, humor, optimism, and exploration in his books.

Christopher Paul Curtis is inspired by what he does in life, and then he turns it into a story. For instance, The Watsons go to Birmingham, he relied on his memories and experiences, like when he took a trip to Florida. He was around Kenny's age (10 years old) in 1963 and he had an idea of what was going on then and how people were feeling. But his first-ever trip south was the drive to Florida. He says he writes because it is fun. “Fun" means a source of his inspiration. When he writes a book he often laughs and cries out loud. If you just look around you will be surprised how many great things you can write about.
The setting for BUD, NOT BUDDY was well, before he was born. He did research on how kids spoke then, what life was like during the Depression. He read tons of old books, magazines and newspapers in the library. He is inspired by many things.
Each different era has a feel to it and you just have to find it. He tried to imagine what other people's lives were like. "It's been fun to imagine what my grandparents were like back then" says Christopher Paul Curtis.
When he was a kid, he didn't want to listen to their stories, which is a shame. He has riot when he writes he laughs. If he knew it was this much fun, he would have started when he was four, he loves it.

In conclusion, Christopher Paul Curtis is a 58 year old man who was born in 1996 and is currently living in Windsor Ontario, Canada. His wife gave him a whole year to do what he wanted to do which was to write a book. He wrote many books after that. His first book was given many awards and many of his other books were too. To sum it all up, Christopher Paul Curtis is a fantastic author.